Incremental Tower Defense

The basis for this whole project started as clone of this GitHub repo. I used this initial code to teach myself about and many of the enemy sprites and the terrain tiles are from this original project.

The number suffixes for large numbers were directly stolen from Swarm Simulator (a fantastic game).

The elemental icons used for the elemental towers comes from this collection on pixabay.

The images used for the blocks came from yet another Open Game Art collection.

The rock/boulder sprites that fall from the sky when the earth tower activates can be found here

The zombie and skeleton enemy sprites are from here.

The goblin sprite comes from this Open Game Art collection.

Eye of the Storm and Frost Shatter spell icons from here.

Mana Burst, Smolder, and Seismic Rupture spell icons were made by HorrorPen and can be found here.

Icon for the blueprints/templating action was made by Ofer Lehr (and cropped by me) was found here.

Radar sweep icon which is used by the sensor array tower made by Lorc and hosted on It has been shrunk down and colorized for my purposes.

Beetle sprite (with recolors) by Stephen "Redshrike" Challener hosted on

Farm animals (cow, chicken, sheep, llama, pig) done by Daniel Eddeland, some of these sprites were resized by me but otherwise unaltered. The original submission is available at OpenGameArt.

Red and green fairy sprites by Lunovox can be found here.

Black golem, blue golem, floating skull, red wizard, turtle, and dark wizard sprites by Stephen Challener (Redshrike), hosted by here and here.

Proton theme for jstree from Orange Hill Development.

Arcane Orb icon and bullet from Amon on OpenGameArt.

Blood icon (used by shrapnel towers) created by SĂ©mhur can be found here.

Positive sound (used on skill up) from Lokif, found here

Music: Dark, Earth Is All We Have, Heaven Sings, High Stakes, Low Chances, and Theme Crystalized written and produced by Ove Melaa ( Found here.

Music: Crystal Cave by cynicmusic found here.

Music: Battle Theme A by cynicmusic found here.

Music: Observing the Star by yd found here.

Music: Mystical Theme by Alexandr Zhelanov (SoundCloud) found here.

Music: Heroic Minority by Alexandr Zhelanov (SoundCloud) found here.

Music: Winds Of Stories by HorrorPen found here.

Music: No More Magic by HorrorPen found here.

Music: Cyberpunk Moonlight Sonata by Jotn found here.

Music: Sci-Fi from, found here.

Music: We're Leaving Now from Nico Maximilian, found here.

Tileset by Leonard Pabin found on

Power Lightning icon icon which is used by the support tower and power generator support ammo made by Lorc and hosted on It has been shrunk down and colorized for my purposes.

Spell casting animation by rubberduck found on OpenGameArt.

Most fonts are a bitmap version of PF Tempesta Seven by Yusuke Kamiyamane found here. Converted to Bitmap font using Littera.

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